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The Fame" Album Review


[ljuser]dirrtysean[/ljuser]: I've been very busy for the past few weeks. So I didn’t have time to write a review. This time around I handed the review job over to my trusty editor who you all either hate or love. She’s just like my own personal assistant! Now I can tell the everybody I have a P.A.! w00ts! Bragging rights! Major HOTNESS!

Anyways, this time around, we're doing a review on an album by our Artist Of The Month, Lady Gaga!

[ljuser]airotcivqueen[/ljuser]: “The Fame” is Lady Gaga’s debut album. It was released in August 2008 by Interscope Records. A revised edition with new tracks and different track-listing was released in Australia on November 15, 2008, in the US on October 28, 2008 and will be released in the UK on January 12, 2009.

Her album however has received some bad reviews, with some uh, absolutely, f**kin’ comments that her album has explicit metaphors like “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” in Love Game, and about her being a dirrty girl in the sexed up club scenes.  Here’s my take on this. If you hate Gaga please pardon me. However, on all neutral grounds. Pray tell, at this day and date how many songs out there do not insert some form of sexual innuendo? We’ve got 50cent and Candyshop, Khia - My Neck, My Back and loads of other songs which mention getting in between legs, Gucci bikinis on the bed and all. However, I guess, when we hate something or someone we do go about picking on nitty gritty details too. (I am no angel either) Whoopsy! Come on it is human nature, so I guess it is alright, to each his own ain’t it.

Back to the album review, I’d say on the whole, this is a great album. Unless, you are the type who prefers slow songs, then perhaps not. The Fame brings on a very different feeling from other albums, and for that matter so does Lady Gaga. She’s probably done the right thing in order to stand out in the entertainment scene by being different. After all successful business gurus will tell you that in order to market yourself, you have to be unique, which is what she has done. The songs in the album, are mainly dancey tracks, which feels a little 70s, 80s, retro infused, disco, rock, electronic beats.
My favourite songs in the tracks are, ALMOST ALL. Really, this is an amazing album. Im having a hard time doing this review,  because I do not have any songs that I absolutely loathe. Before you say “You obviously sound like a Gaga stan, thus the good review” I’d tell you, take a listen to her songs, and you will know why it is good.

Here’s a few picks from me:

  • Paper Gangsta:  My favourite track (if you don’t include Poker Face & Just Dance) This song is for the feminist women. Who not will accept any man who is just out to play and is not as fabulous as she says  (Think Miss Independent) >> ME LIKEY!!
  • Beautiful,Dirty,Rich: How superficial, yet how true. This world is full of filthy rich & beautiful people.
  • Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say): This is a really cute breakup song.
  • The Fame: It has the same name as the album, so I kinda tend to expect more from the song (how daft I know), But it is a pretty okay track, but not one of the best, another superficial track.
  • Boys Boys Boys: I like how the intro sounds so movie-esq, and then it moves on to a cheerleader-ish part “We love them! We love them!”
  • Money Honey: Dancey and upbeat, that’s money honey!!
  • Paparazzi:  Another of my favourite, I love the sexy mysterious way she sings it.
  • Again, Again: This song stands out in the album in a sense, it is rather slow compared to the rest, but you’d still wasn’t to sing along and play it again, again!

[ljuser]dirrtysean[/ljuser]'s fave:
Just Dance
Poker Face
Again, Again
Brown Eyes


Perhaps, she is refreshing, perhaps, I like the fact she is unique, perhaps you think Im a biased slut , but whatever the reason it is, I think this album is worth the spin. Whether it is to shake your booty, or for you to sing along loudly at home or in the car, there is a song for all. Well, perhaps no emotional tracks unfortunately. I say BUY BUY BUY BUY the album!!!

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I will give it:


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